Bass Lake Homeowners Association

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The Bass Lake Homeowners Association's purpose is to represent property owners in the Bass Lake area, and to take actions and positions which advance the interests of property owners, and increase the value of their property.

It is usually complex, and often very difficult to determine, what postion on some controversial issue best advances the cause and interests of our membership.
This is especially true when opinion is split among our members, or difficult to determine because some factions are more vocal than others.

Please do not hesitate to provide your input on any issue which is important to you. But please also understand that we can not always respond directly to your request, nor are we willing or able to adopt positions or take action on every suggestion or position. We are a volunteer organization, and we believe we need to expend our limited resources on issues that affect the greater majority.

One thing is certain, we value your membership and respect your opinion. If you believe your position or request is not being addressed, please attend one of our monthly Board Meetings, and present your request directly to the Board.