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Up to date weather information may be obtained online from two sources:

Data from a private weather station, owned and operated by Director Marc Sobel, can be viewed at: This is a very informative and easy site to navigate. Marc has a lot more information on his site than just his weather information, check it out. He also has two "LakeCams" which, during daylight hours, provide a current view of the Lake.

A great deal of very interesting data, including snow and precipitation information, can be viewed at:

Information can be viewed from 3 stations located at the Dam by first clicking on "Station Information". At the next page, click on "Search" under "Locating Stations".  Next, check the left hand box on the first line of the "Search By" column, and type in "Crane Valley" in the fill-in box, and  then click on Search at the bottom of the page. You will have three stations to view. CRR gives precipitation and temperature info, CNV will lead you (click on monthly Reservoir Storage) to the level of water in Bass Lake, expressed in acre feet. CRV provides historical data back to 1905!!!

All of the above sounds somewhat complicated, but there is a great deal of important and interesting information if you navigate this site. The following link
may get you there directly, but it does not always work. Click here.